Transcoding a single input to 2 different output

Hi ,

is it possible tu use flussonic to transcode one input into tow different output instead of having multi-bitrate stream ?
exemple : input raw-bitrate Full HD stream 8-10 mb bitrate transcoded to ===>
1920x1080 5mb ==> output : http://serverip:port/StreamFHD1080/index.m3u8
1280x720 2mb ==> output : http://serverip:port/StreamHD720/index.m3u8

same config works in ffmpeg with nginx


Yes, it is possible. You can transcode your input streams to 2 quality profiles and then request required tracks using filter.tracks in the query string. Let me show the example. If you have the following stream config:

stream test {
  url …;
  transcoder deviceid=0 external=false gop=56 hw=nvenc vb=2000k vcodec=h264 open_gop=false preset=veryfast profile=main size=1280x720:fit:#000000 vb=5000k vcodec=h264 open_gop=false preset=veryfast profile=main size=1920x1080:fit:#000000 deinterlace=true deinterlace_rate=frame ab=192k;

Use the ?filter.tracks=v1a1 for the 1920x1080 5mb profile and ?filter.tracks=v2a1 for 1280x720 2mb profile:


See more here HLS Playback - Flussonic Manual