New Update Flussonic 20.08.01 and 20.09 DVR download time bar issue, not downloading selected time

In New Update 20.08.01 and 20.09 there is really nice option that u can download directly streaming from DVR, thanks for that.

Open flussonic web interface UI - click your streaming name with DVR - Click DVR - choose time from & to and click Green download button.

The problem when you select time under DVR recording - time bar is not clear and if you use drag option on above red green blue line to start and finish download time its not download file what u slect in time there,
Can flussonic team check that please, That problem is in both 20.08.1 and 20.9 or any one here knows any other option that i can download stream by correct time?

see picture in Link below

will check that, thanks

Thanks, Please let me and other user here know if there is any fix…