Multibitrate streaming from multiple udp sources

Hi there!

I have a future plans to provide multi-bitrate streaming for users.
Our source can be delivered in 3 qualities with different bitrates via own UDP port from the content provider.
In this case, the video will be already transcoded, so I was wonder if it’s can be a good idea to use the different input qualities to prepare multi-bitrate HLS playlist.
How can I do it?

Basically, we recommend capturing the highest quality and transcoding it to the necessary profiles at your side with Flussonic.
You can find documentation on how to do it with Flussonic at Transcoder - Flussonic Manual
Flussonic allows using CPU or GPU for transcoding depending on your tasks.
External transcoders, that doesn’t control by you, may send unsynchronized streams.
I mean we often meet the situations when outside transcoders can restart one of the qualities that lead to lagging of timing between qualities.
Also, different qualities can be transcoded at different equipment, the common scenario when 1st transcoder uses for fHD/HD streams and the second one uses for SD streams that also lead to bad synchronization.
Don’t forget about network failures that lead to the lost periods at DVR for one or another quality. As a result, users can’t get what they want.

All of these cases may be a cause for jumps/stales in switches between qualities or freezing players or devices.

It’s crucial for us to help our customers build a reliable and high-quality service that can be controlled.
That’s why we recommend our customers prepare streams at their own sites to be sure that it prepared based on industrial standards.

When you prepare output profiles with synchronization as Flussonic does, you won’t have a headache with complaints in production.

Also, you can check our hardware transcoder “Flussonic Coder” for your tasks (Flussonic Coder- Media Transcoder, Video Transcoder, Stream Transcoder)