Low latency streaming: WebRTC, MSE LD, LL HLS?


I see Flussonic support a several protocols for low latency streaming, but which is the best? What should I use on my project? Only one or combine severals?

It seems that WebRTC should be suitable for every use-case, but why did you add LL-HLS recently?

Thank you.


WebRTC is a perfect solution for live chat applications, it provides a sub-second latency and allows us to implement our own video messenger, which is able to record video on a server-side.

But using WebRTC for OTT/IPTV isn’t a good idea because WebRTC doesn’t support AAC audio codec and h264/h265 b-frames. Video encoding will not efficient and you’ll have to spend CPU resources to transcode audio from AAC to OPUS.

We recommend LL-HLS for any massive broadcast that requires low latency, such as gaming, betting, etc.