Incorrect operation of the archive on STB TVIP with Flussonic 21.07-21.09.1

When rewinding the channel, the archive either skips for a few minutes/seconds (depending on the situation), or constantly returns to the same point

This behavior is observed in the absence of the x-playback-session-id header, which is used by the TVIP software to identify sessions.
To solve this issue, need to use additional options for the backend, if it is used, or add additional authorization. For example

  • Ministra/Stalker
    auth http://<stalker_host>/stalker_portal/server/api/chk_flussonic_tmp_link.php session_keys=ip,proto,name,token,header.x-playback-session-id;
  • without backend
    auth true session_keys=ip,proto,name,token,header.x-playback-session-id;
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