I do not see any video in admin UI, but TV channel is working. Help!


I have multicast stream that is captured in Flussonic. Everything works ok on STB, but I do not see any video and cannot hear audio in web UI. Is Flussonic broken?


It’s likely that the codecs used in the stream are not supported in the browser. For example, ac3 audio and mp2v video. Also ultra-modern h.265 (hevc) is not supported in all browsers.


And what should I do to fix it?!


You need to use transcoder for changing codecs.
For example: vb=1024k ab=64k;

By default, it changes codecs to H264 + AAC, suitable for web streaming.

You can see more detail and options about transcoder on our site https://flussonic.com/doc/transcoder


Thank you for the reply, it works to me, but really I don’t need watching streaming via admin panel, it was interesting why I can’t play it via WebUI.