I do not hear any sound from my IP camera: not in web, not in mp4


I’ve added IP camera with audio but cannot hear audio anywhere!

In program that comes with camera and in old Flussonic I can hear sound, please help!


Very easy: you have audio in PCMA/PCMU codec which is most popular among cameras.

“Old flussonic” was using HDS to play video by default and HDS being an derivative from FLV can play PCMA our of the box without any transcoding.

Modern HTML5 players can play pcma only with webrtc which is not 100% ready, so you should prefer AAC as a most compatible audio codec.

Use automatic transcoder from pcma to aac in our rtsp reader:


With this setting you will get aac in live stream and in DVR, so you will be able to hear audio on iphone, in Chrome/IE and in mp4 export.