How to set teletext page for reading subtitles

I am trying to read subtitles via teletext from a DVB-S signal that comes from a multicast streamer via UDP. The channel carries both dvb bitmap subtitles and teletext subtitles.
Reading bitmap via tesseract doesn’t bring the best results so I try to get the teletext subtitles, but those subtitles are only on a subpage (777). If I use ccextractor

ccextractor -udp -tpage 777 -teletext -tverbose -o subs

I get this result:


00:00:01,080 --> 00:00:03,239

<font color="#ffff00">geht am Ende als Sieger vom Platz.</font>


00:00:03,320 --> 00:00:07,519

<font color="#ffff00">Belgien ist für mich in den letzten</font>

<font color="#ffff00">Jahren die Nationalmannschaft</font>


00:00:07,600 --> 00:00:09,519

<font color="#ffff00">des Trainingsplatzes gewesen.</font>


00:00:09,600 --> 00:00:12,799

<font color="#ffff00">Die haben tolle Einzelspieler und</font>

<font color="#ffff00">schaffen es nie,</font>

How can I define this page id (777) in Flussonic?

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Upload please 1-2 minutes of this stream to take a look at it.