How to set teletext page for reading subtitles

I am trying to read subtitles via teletext from a DVB-S signal that comes from a multicast streamer via UDP. The channel carries both dvb bitmap subtitles and teletext subtitles.
Reading bitmap via tesseract doesn’t bring the best results so I try to get the teletext subtitles, but those subtitles are only on a subpage (777). If I use ccextractor

ccextractor -udp -tpage 777 -teletext -tverbose -o subs

I get this result:


00:00:01,080 --> 00:00:03,239

<font color="#ffff00">geht am Ende als Sieger vom Platz.</font>


00:00:03,320 --> 00:00:07,519

<font color="#ffff00">Belgien ist für mich in den letzten</font>

<font color="#ffff00">Jahren die Nationalmannschaft</font>


00:00:07,600 --> 00:00:09,519

<font color="#ffff00">des Trainingsplatzes gewesen.</font>


00:00:09,600 --> 00:00:12,799

<font color="#ffff00">Die haben tolle Einzelspieler und</font>

<font color="#ffff00">schaffen es nie,</font>

How can I define this page id (777) in Flussonic?

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Upload please 1-2 minutes of this stream to take a look at it.

Hello @ivo.stock

Most like the 777 page is not announced in the PMT of the input stream so Flussonic does not know where to find the subtitles. However, we can help Flussonic to find the appropriate page using the ttxt_descriptors option. Check the following config:

stream test_input {
  url udp://... ttxt_descriptors=0x777:eng:subtitles;
stream test {
  url tshttp://localhost/test_input;

The ttxt_descriptors option allows adding the teletext descriptor in the output PMT. See more here Reading teletext from VBI - Flussonic Manual
You should see the subtitles from the teletext pid in the test stream.

If you still have question feel free to write to support support@flussonic.com