How to revert to the previous flussonic version

i have lately updated flussonic to the latest version 18.12 but started getting problem receiving some udp unicast streams from astra and getting problem with the nvenc transcoder using external=false command

same setup was working with 18.11

my question is
how to downgrade from 18.12 to 18.11 the right way ?
is it possible to use this command to downgrade :
apt-get install flussonic=18.11 flussonic-erlang=18.2.1 flussonic-python=2.7.3 flussonic-ffmpeg=4.2

apt-cache show flussonic=18.11 | egrep ‘^(Depends|Suggests):’
Depends: flussonic-erlang (=21.1.3) | flussonic-erlang_21.1.3, flussonic-python (=18.11)
Suggests: flussonic-ffmpeg (>= 4.5)


apt-get install flussonic=18.11 flussonic-erlang=21.1.3 flussonic-python=18.11 flussonic-ffmpeg=4.5

What problems did you have with udp capturing and transcoding on 18.12 version?

hi ,
the problem is solved after updating to flussonic 19

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