How to organize CDN

I have a lot of clients around the world. My satellite headend and all my servers are located in Bulgary and sometimes clients from India have troubles with connection. So i decided to install more servers in China or India and i want to have a possibility of expanding number of servers. I want to transmit video between my servers via Internet so i want to organize my own CDN. Is Flussonic provide such opportunities? How can i configure all my servers?

Flussonic supports different modes for combining servers into cluster. You can use Flussonic as a re-streamer so it can receive streams from one or more sources. Also Flussonic can connect to another Flussonic (peer), take list of available streams and route clients to proper peers using cluster peering mechanism. If you want fault tolerant capturing of streams Flussonic provides special “cluster ingest” mode.
See more about “Cluster” in our manual https://flussonic.com/doc/cluster

Flussonic uses cluster features to organize content delivery network (CDN). I don’t give you detailed instruction about organizing CDN because you provide small information. We have article about how Flussonic may be useful for solving this task. See more here https://flussonic.com/doc/cdn

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