How to make timelapse video with Flussonic without transcoding

Let’s say you have recorded an IP camera video of building your house.
And you may want to see the weekly or monthly progress just in a minute or so.
You can make such video without high resource consumption.

the source (IP camera, or anything else)
flussonic with enough storage to record your video for the desired time

What to do:
It’s described here, but let me describe.

Navigate to your stream DVR embed.
The URL looks like https://[YOUR-SERVER-HOSTNAME-OR-IP]/[STREAM-NAME]/embed.html?dvr=true
Ther you can find an “MP4” button. See pic.timelapse video
Right click on it and copy the URL.

After that navigate to your terminal and execute using “wget”:
wget https://[YOUR-SERVER-HOSTNAME-OR-IP]/[STREAM-NAME]/archive-[UTC-TIME]-[PERIOD-LENGTH].mp4?timelapse

This command will download the keyframe only video at 25 fps.

You may also request timelapse=20 with fps correction, exported file will have 20 seconds length.