How can I install old Version?



Hi, after update to 19.04, the streams with Transcode dont works, I want install again my old version, how can I make it?


new annoying update from flussonic team , strange that people whom can make such a beautiful software can fail this way …

use this command to downgrade :

apt-get install flussonic=19.02 flussonic-erlang=21.1.5 flussonic-python=18.11 flussonic-ffmpeg=4.5


@Montasar_Meselmani if I transcode a streams, the stream dont works on Chrome, I have tested with 3-5 Device, PC, Laptop, iphone, ipad…if I dont Transcode, stream works good on Chrome


how are you transcodig the stream ? cpu gpu Qs ?


@Montasar_Meselmani you are very knowledgeable about this, have you maybe Skype? that I ask you on Skype?


Transcoding of course works. If you have any issues, you need to share details about them.