HLS big latency



As far as I can see the delay between input and the output of a stream on
flussonic server using HLS (or any other segment based protocol) is around
30 seconds. How can I decrease it to around 1 second?


I also have the same issue here, I’ve tried baseline 3.0 setting on the encoding side but it’s still very latent, despite using the embed.html?realtime=true boolean - the URL works fine on a desktop PC running windows & Chrome and is low latency, but on an iPad it incurs ~30 seconds of delay :frowning_face:
Any help would be greatly appreciated


No sense to fight with HLS latency. HLS isn’t a real-time streaming protocol. Try our MSE-LD player, it allows to view the video with the delay about 1 second.



Hi Maksim, I’ve tried running the MSE-LD player in Safari/Chrome on iOS without success, are there any prerequisites for achieving this such as specific encoding settings etc?


Flussonic 18.07 + Latest Safari on macbook - works fine.
Same for Chrome and FF.

iOS devices browsers can’t playback video with low delay yet.
You need to implement your own apps with RTMP/RTSP under the hood.



MSE-LD require the same video params as HLS players: it must be a h264 video (progressive! it’s important).
It’s our proprietary protocol, open a support ticket if you facing any problems with playback: