Flussonic users connecting separetly to the same source causing high bandwith usage



i have 80 FHD streams running on flussonic and i am using authentication via iptv plugin , internet upload usage when only 80 users are connected is about 200mb , when the number of user is 300 i get higher upload usage “around 800mb”

is this a bug or i have to make changes to flussonic setting ?
As far as i know more users should consume more cpu and ram but not more bandwidth …



According to your description everything is good with output bitrate.The increase in the number of users causes to an increase in the total output bitrate because you use streaming protocols that use unicast addressing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicast


is there anyway changing the steaming protocol from unicast to broadcast/multicast ?




Hi Friend,

Could you share the experience of your reporting environment? What hardware (CPU, RAM, HD) are you using to make 80 Full HD channels? Which UDP / RTP or HLS input format?

Thank you!