Flussonic nvenc transcoding

hi ,

i have a server with 3 gpu and 2x xeon e5-2630 v3 , the server is transcoding successfuly 65 streams h265 FHD but cpu usage is at 75% all the time

this is my transcoding preset : ab=124k vb=2000k preset=llhq hw=nvenc vcodec=h265

is there any way reducing cpu load ?

Gegorce GTX - 2 thread, may be use Quadro or https://github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch

i am using this patch , without it it is not possible to transcode more than 2 streams

Try experimental option:

vb=2000k preset=llhq hw=nvenc vcodec=h265 ab=124k external=false

hi ,
when i add external=false , flussonic crash …
i have been experimenting transcoding nvenc with nginx rtmp module and ffmpeg and cpu usage did not exceed 30 %

do you know what is consuming my cpu ?

update :

i updated to flussonic 18.10 and added external=falset o transcoder . the result was cpu usage drop to 45% without effecting the stream quality :slight_smile:

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