Do not use monit with Flussonic!


By default, on any modern Linux Distro, Flussonic uses systemd to run the main process. Systemd solves a lot of problems that init.d wasn’t able to solve out of the box.

For example, in the case when daemon falls, init.d requires a special shell script that will monitor linux process status and restart it if necessary.

The Analog to shell script is Monit. Monit is a free, open-source process supervision tool for Unix and Linux.

Systemd can out of box restart the main process on any failure, keep journals with crash reason, startup process, so there is no sense to install additional software (like Monit) or write own script to restart Flussonic.

Our support team got several tickets with the issue like “Flussonic restarts every 60 seconds” and the reason always in Monit configuration (or custom crontab rule) that conflict with systemd unit.

Do not hesitate to ask for any help from our support team, we ready to give recommendations for any situation, especially, when you’re thing about writing custom scripts for monitoring Flussonic Media Server.

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