Catchup Middleware

hello, please help with the catchup question. I have a middleware from Netup, I record channels using a flussonic. In the channel settings there is a catchup source item, where you need to insert a source link for catchup. I tried to insert links from a flussonic in various ways, the result is the same, the archive is included but the same video for all programs, you can’t even rewind. I have examples of links From the solution of netup catchup and some data, based on this data can you manage to unwind the flussonic

onic links on the Netup middleware?

It seems like netup has a vendor lock for this feature.
Have you asked netup for the 3rd parties archives support?
You may also try to play around these ways of archive playback https://flussonic.com/doc/video-playback/hls-playback#catchup

they said that theoretically it is possible, but they will not help to set up, as flussonic is not a product of Netup. They have their own solution, only it is very expensive, but I have some information about the work of netup catchup, maybe it will help to solve the problem.?

look like netup catchup link http://server-ip/catch-up/hls/MAvjwvc/manifest.m3u8
MAvjwvc - the name of the folder where the files for playback are located
they said that the channel is recorded ts chunks, the length of the chunks by default is 10 seconds