Basic knowledge missing here. Need help!

I’m new with flussonic, so, please dont be rude. We are an isp and we are currently offering TV service through our network. Our TV provider have its own EPG and app and they use flussonic as the ‘‘middleware’’? if i’m right. Anyway, they use flussonic, our set top box connects to this server and then subscriber can watch regluar tv program.

That said, we now want to host our own flussonic server because we will have more flexibility and I hope being able to fixe some troubles. But I need to understand what flussonic realy does and how to set it up. I’d need help to understand.

Is there anybody here that use flussonic in IPTV solution?

Flussonic is only a streaming server, not a middleware. It streams video.

Middleware provides channel list to the client device (STB or some application) and makes authorization.