All my streams are available via Internet!


I don’t know why all channel URL of my server are published on the internet, and they are being shared illegally. Please check your security!


More details please, where did you see your channel URLs? Did you change default password in Flussonic?

They published our URL to the m3u file with many other URL. All URL from my server and we have to use Whitelist feature to block illegal connection

IP Whitelist is a great solution. These articles should be useful to you:

https://flussonic.com/doc/auth - about auth system in Flussonic.
https://flussonic.com/doc/auth/iptv - IPTV plugin can auth your clients.
https://flussonic.com/doc/auth/configurator - Auth backend configurator.


We use this server as Origin server, packaging the streams and send them to Cache servers. We do not use any authen tools here.
But the problem is: why do they know this server? we do not use this server for streaming to end users. Why do they can get all channels list?

The Internet is designed so that all servers are constantly scanned by attackers, web services shouldn’t are left without protection: all interesting data will certainly leak into the network.

Read the docs that I send to you, they help you to restrict access to your streams.