Update to 20.02 - Stream are now droping

I have upgraded to 20.02. Before the update, all of my streams were working fine. I am using NVIDIA Tesla T4 for Transcoding. After the upgrade, a few streams start dropping, and when I restart it starts working again.
Also, in a few cases, the bit rate jumps from 4000k to 80,000k. In this case, I can see the preview in flussonic but nothing plays on my Android box.

I have the same issue. It is because flussonic stops receiving audio or video stream.Android can’t play stream without audio. Please open ticket to pay attention to this problem.

Hello friends. We have the same situation here.
We have separete transcoding machine with different software and use Nvidia GPU’s . We serve channels via UDP to flussonic, but after 1 day uptime flussonic start glitch several channels (hvenc), and they stop working. After that we need to restart this chanels via UI.
For now we have downgrade to previous version and don`t have this problem.

We hope that you will fix this soon!

Warm regards: Buzz

Hello. I have the same problem.

Upgrade to 20.03, I hope it contains required fixes.

Upgrade to 20.03, I hope it contains required fixes.
But now 20.03-20.04 breaks DVR blob files on stream error and then no way to open whole hour

you should open support ticket about this issue. It is not as it is designed to work, it should not happen.