Flussonic V19 Resource Eating


I’ve been using v18.06.1 for a long time since just before it HTTP was running fast (successive versions started to get worse). But when it came to replacing the SSD and reinstalling the OS, I decided to install the latest 19.07 and was amazed at how this version uses resources. Attached screenshots, with CPU and Scheduler utilization differences between versions. Resource growth is not with me alone, a colleague has also tested it on four servers and Scheduler utilization has doubled.

  1. http://www.ipix.lt/image/Vw9Cu
  2. http://www.ipix.lt/image/VwGDX

P.s. somehow only i noticed that WebOS did not want to accept AC3 tracks (does not even play channel) from Flussonic and they only corrected this in version 19.07 when I reported it but do not want to put AC3 fix in 18.06.1 package …


Did you try this?

Here is our server:

  1. https://ibb.co/qYbjKWJ
  2. https://ibb.co/bXbv8Nf

We use about 261 streams (170 online) and about 400 users for now