Custom commands in the remuxing/transcoding pipeline

Hi all,

We’re evaluating this media server to see if it fits our needs, and we have a question related to the muxing/transcoding pipeline.

Namely, is it possible to embed custom command lines into the remuxing/transcoding pipeline of Flussonic. We need to add a lot of custom metadata into the output streams, to support our marketing business, and for some premium channels, we need to use a few proprietary video/audio encoders. All in all, we have built custom linux scripts which invoke appropriate binaries which do that job, but we were wondering if Flussonic supports custom commands/scripts to be embedded in the process.

To avoid any confusion, the pipeline we’re referring to is: (1) Media (audio/video) source - (2) transcoding/remuxing/adding metadata - (3) broadcasting to clients.

And the question is if we can customize the step (2) with our own custom commands? If we can, what’s the proper way to accomplish that with Flussonic?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!


Better contact our support about your specific needs.